Repairs & Maintenance

Outdoor Sign Repairs and Maintenance

A clean, well-lit, and well-maintained sign says a great deal about your Business.
It says you care about your business and your customers. A poorly maintained sign can give
the opposite impression; let us help your business first impression be a great one.

Call us at 305-328-9557 to get your Sign working regardless of the material or size,
FREE estimate and the BEST Prices.

Services & Repairs:

  • Install Bright “Daylight” fluorescent tubes replacement
  • Diagnose all electrical components
  • Replace ballasts
  • Boom lift to 50 ft
  • Approved lamps recycling 
  • Cleaning of signs and sign faces
  • Re-painting of sign cabinets and poles
  • Repair and replacement of damaged signs and lighting
  • Neon and fluorescent LED repairs
  • Night patrol to detect lighting problems


Call us at 305-328-9557 with confidence we offer professional service and the BEST prices.